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Mirifica's monthly newsletter - July 2023

17 Jul, 2023


Mirifica offers the following products from our latest Technoton catalog expansion:

  • Contactless CAN j1939 Crocodile reader: Secure contactless reading of data from CAN j1939/21 data buses used in vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems. CANCrocodile only works in "listen" mode.

Contactless CAN j1939 Crocodile reader: For safe contactless data reading from CAN j1939/21 data buses


The following Reyax item is highlighted this month:

  • RYS8830: Ultra Low Power 1.8V UART/I2C Interface GNSS Antenna Module with small SMD form factor.

RYS8830: Small form factor & Ultra Low Power 1.8V UART/I2C Interface GNSS Antenna Module

Teltonika Telematics

Here is one of our latest devices from the Teltonika Telematics catalog:

  • FMB150: GSM/GNSS/Bluetooth tracker with integrated CAN data processor, IP41, 170 mAh Li-Ion battery 3.7 V (0.63 Wh).

FMB150 (Worldwide) + FOTA WEB + 1 hour free support

Teltonika Networks

We present one of the newest devices from the Teltonika Networks devices catalog:

  • TAP100: Wifi access point, perfect for strengthening wifi coverage in small enterprise and commercial spaces, 1 x RJ45 port 10/100 Mbps, up to 100 simultaneous connections, based on VLAN separation.

TAP100: Wifi accces point


Here is one of the most relevant entries from the CD-Top catalog:

  • CD-PA1616S: GPS antenna module, MediaTek MT3339, PA6H replacement.

PA1616S (CD-PA1616S): GPS antenna module, MediaTek MT3339

Special sales offers

Special sales offers

We would like to let you know that we have various devices on sale:

Use Cases

We outline a few situations where the TMT250 and TAT100 are frequently employed globally. They are excellent for projects and applications, very dependable, and highly secure.

For TMT250

For TAT100

Learning and training - Teltonika Networks

TCT: Telematics Configuration Tool (TCT) – How to use Auto Update? [VIDEO]

TAT140: New 4G LTE Asset Tracker [VIDEO]

TAP100: Teltonika Networks Access Point [VIDEO]

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