HW-FMC-XM105-G Debug Card

Ermöglicht den Zugriff auf viele Pins der FMC Stecker, die sich beispielsweise auf Xilinx Boards, wie SP601, SP605 und ML605 befinden.

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The FMC XM105 Debug Card is designed to provide access to many of the pins on the FMC connector found on Xilinx FMC-supported boards including the SP601,SP605 and ML605.

The FMC XM105 Debug Card provides a number of multi-position headers and connectors which break out FPGA interface signals to and from the board interface. A serial IIC bus re-programmable LVDS clock source and a pair of SMA connectors provide differential clock sources to the FMC-supported board FGPA. A 2 Kb serial IIC EEPROM provides non-volatile storage.

Low pin count (LPC) and high pin count (HPC) FMC board connector interfaces are supported. SP601 and SP605 boards provide a single FMC LPC interface. ML605 provides one FMC LPC and one FMC HPC interface. The FMC XM105 Debug Card contains a FMC HPC connector which mates with LPC or HPC FMC-supported board connectors.

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Key Features

  • VITA 57.1 FMC HPC connector
    • Single-ended signals from the carrier board, clocks, JTAG, power.
  • 40 Single Ended I/O (20 Pairs) on the LPC Pins
  • 80 Single Ended I/O (40 Pairs) on the HPC Pins
  • Mictor connector 38 pin female Mictor connector
    • Shared I/O with LPC Pins
    • Mictor JTAG pins broken out
  • 16 and 12 additional LPC Single Ended I/O
    • 8 LPC I/O on 6 pin x 2 row male header (2x6 Pmod Header)
    • 4 LPC I/O on 6 pin x 1 row male header (1x6 Pmod Header)
    • Four User LEDS Shared with I/O
  • 12 additional HPC Single Ended I/O
  • FMC JTAG 9-pin header
    • 9 pin x 1 row male header with FMC JTAG connections
  • Clocking
    • SMA connectors
    • Silicon Labs Si570 IIC serial bus re programmable LVDS clock source EEPROM
    • 2 Kb EEPROM, IIC compatible electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM) with 2 Kb (256 bytes) of non-volatile storage.
  • Power Good LEDs
    • Power good LEDs for +12V, carrier to mezzanine (PG_C2M) and Vadjust/3.3V

Scope of Delivery

  • FMC XM105 Debug Card
  • Welcome letter
  • Four (4) mounting screws
  • Two (2) standoffs
    Board documentation, schematics, and PCB design files are available.
  • Necessary equipment
    • Small Phillips screwdriver to secure the FMC debug board to the carrier board
    • PC with Internet access to download documentation, board files, and schematics
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