IoT rLory (Supports LoRa low-power and mid-to-long-range wireless communication)

Supports LoRa low-power and mid-to-long-range wireless communication, builds an independent network by linking with LoryNet series, provides LoRa to LoRa relay function

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LoRa is a wireless communication technology for sensor networks, a next-generation LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) communication technology that can transfer a small amount of data over long range. rLory, by SystemBase, is a LoRa communication relay that has a range of a few kilometers and provides a communication relay function to areas that are blocked by obstructions such as high-rise buildings, hills, tunnels, and mountains.

LoryNet Compatibility

LoryNet, a virtual cable platform based on LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) communication technology LoRa, connects sensor nodes, converters, repeaters, and gateways via the Internet to create an environment where communication is as easy as writing/reading on a hard disk drive. The configuration and preference settings related to connecting various digital and analog communications, including the Internet, have been simplified. Also, the compatibility between different protocols is strengthened, making network system configuration as easy as writing and reading data from a hard disk drive in a computer. By using a physical, virtual cable platform “LoryNet,” which connects various communication methods, one can monitor, analyze, and control data obtained from all over the world. Additionally, due to its table-based communication methods, application and communication protocol can be differentiated and easily used. The private LoRa network operating in the unlicensed frequency band allows the user to configure the network without an additional charge. To this end, various environment SDK’s (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and OS-less) are provided so that users can easily create and apply customized applications.

Wireless relay function

The range of wireless communication can be affected by the environment. Shadowing can occur due to obstruction by various buildings, trees, and landscapes that can cause nearby locations to be in a shadowing area. rLory eliminates these areas and extends the network’s communication reach.

High performance and excellent reliability

Designed with the industry field in mind, rLory provides stable reliability and high performance by using proven components and employing the preventative measures against electric shock that can be caused by input surge.

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Hersteller SystemBase
Herstellungsland Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea
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Specification LoRa
Air Interface 917MHz ~ 923MHz
 Transmission Power Max. 25mW
Encryption AES 128



 Number of ports 1 Port
 Interface RS232
  Maximum Speed 115.2kbps
Signal Lines RS232 : TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1,2
Parity Bits None, Even, Odd
Flow Control RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF



  Management Tool LoRaConfig
  Configuration LoRaConfig, AT Command
  Utility(Supported OS) Windows 7 or higher versions, Android



  Power Requirement DC5V/1A Adapter Consumption : 1W
  Dimensions 34.90(W) x 90.15(L) x 16.50(H)mm
 Weight 40.5g


Operating Environment

  Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
  Storing Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
 Humidity 5 ~ 95% Non-Condensing


  Certifications KC