Standard PCI Local Bus Specification Rev. 2.3 Compliant, Built-In PCI Target Controller @ 33/66MHz, Built-In four improved 16C1050 UART with 256 Byte Deep FIFO

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SB16C1054PCI is a single chip which enables 4 asynchronous serial communication ports to be connected to the PCI bus without any glue logic and it is the best solution to constitute a serial port for the PCI bus. It allows customers to make easy and simple reference design as a one-chip solution for 4-port serial multi-port cards.
It includes SB16C1054, Quad-UART with 256-byte TX/RX FIFO developed by SystemBase. It also has enhanced features: global interrupt and dedicated control pins for RS422/485 auto toggling. The 256-byte FIFOs reduce CPU overhead and allow higher data throughput.

Built-In 256-byte TX/RX FIFO

SB16C1054 has 256-byte TX/RX FIFOs to reduce CPU overhead for I/O. This FIFO will make your system more stable. There are two FIFO modes; 64-byte FIFO and 256-byte FIFO. The FCR (FIFO Control Register) and AFR (Additional Feature Register) enable FIFO. And the Transmit Interrupt Trigger Level can be also selected by the registers.

Supports Dedicated Control Pins for RS422 and RS485 Bus Operation.

SB16C1054PCI have 2 auto toggling signals for each UART channels. These 2 auto control signals reduce the glue-logics from RS422 and RS485 system so the software engineers do not need to control the bus networking except initial settings.

Zero-Wait PCI Conversion and 24ns UART response time for IOR, IOW

The SB16C1054PCI has fastest conversion time from PCI to UART. This turn-around time is related to system performance. Follow diagram shows SB16C1054PCI has zero-wait PCI conversion. As you can see, the first wait is necessary at the 2nd stage. The PCI controller from our competitor has 2 wait cycles for a complete PCI read cycle. But SB16C1054PCI by SystemBase do not have additional 2 wait cycle. Additionally, SB16C1050 UART core has the fastest UART response time; 24ns for IOW and IOR.

Universal PCI, Operates on PCI and PCI-X slots

The PCI cores by SystemBase have good electrical characteristics. It can be working at 33MHz and 66MHz PCI Bus. And it supports both PCI and PCI-X slots.

Art.-ID 101365
Zustand Neu
Hersteller SystemBase
Herstellungsland Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea
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  PCI Interface Standard PCI Local Bus Specification Rev. 2.3 compliant
Built-In PCI Target Controller
Adopting Zero-Wait PCI to MIO Bus Conversion
Supports 33MHz and 66MHz Bus Operation Speed
Supports Universal PCI working in both PCI and PCI-X slots
Option Register provided for the control and information of UART
Downloads the Configuration header data from external serial EEPROM
  UART Interface Quad-UART with 256-byte Transmit/Receiver Deep FIFOs
Register Set Compatible with 16C550 and 16C650
Serial Data Rate of Up to 5.3Mbps & System Clock Up to 85MHz
Software/Hardware Flow Control & Xoff Re-Transmit Function
Global Interrupt & Control Pins for RS422/485 Auto Toggling
Fast UART Response Time, 24ns for IOR & IOW operation
Internal Diagnostic Capabilities
  Other Information 3.3V I/O, 5V Tolerance
LQFP144 Package