256Byte TX/RX FIFOs, Dedicated two Control Pins for RS422 and RS485 Bus Auto Control, Data Rate up to 5.3Mbps256Byte TX/RX FIFOs

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SB16C1058 is an Octal-UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter) semiconductor, which has 256-Byte FIFO and eight UART Channels supporting automated bus input/output signal control. It operates on SystemBase MIO Bus compatible MIO mode and can be expandable up to 32 ports. Thanks to these new features, MOQ can be lowered than more than 25% and overrun error has been eliminated using large FIFO which improves overall performance.

Advanced Features

It provides efficient performance using 256 Bytes FIFO and option register when developing an application to managing multiple serial ports. SB16C1058 has short access time that can provide more resource time for the CPU.

256-byte FIFO

SB16C1054 has 256-byte TX/RX FIFOs to reduce CPU overhead for I/O. This large-FIFO will make your system more stable. There are two FIFO modes; 64-byte FIFO and 256-byte FIFO. The FCR (FIFO Control Register) and AFR (Additional Feature Register) enable FIFO and the Transmit Interrupt Trigger Level can be selected by the registers.

While RX software flow control function is activated, the data in TX FIFO are transmitted when Xon character arrives, and transmission is suspended when Xoff character arrives. This status is called ‘Xoff status’. Transmission is restarted when status changes to ‘Xon status’ by incoming Xon character or Xon Any function that changes status when any data arrives.

Xoff Re-transmit Function

While TX software flow control function is activated, Xoff character is transmitted when the number of data exceeds a certain value. Though the external UART receives Xoff character, this character may not be recognized for some reasons and the data transmission may be continued. In this case, overflow may occur in RX FIFOs. Unlike the conventional UARTs, SB16C1054 can handle this with the Xoff Re-transmit function.

Art.-ID 101363
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Hersteller SystemBase
Herstellungsland Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea
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  Features Eight independent UART with TX/RX FIFO of 256 Bytes (Deep FIFO)
Data rates of up to 5.3Mbps
Built-In SystemBase’s MIO control logic and registers
Extendable to 32-port Serial Multiport without any gluelogics with MIO Bus
Software / Hardware flow control (Xon/Xoff & Auto-RTS/Auto-CTS)
Global interrupt Mask/Poll Register
Supports Xoff re-transmit & Xon-any character
Dedicated two Control Pins for RS422/485 Auto Toggling
Fast UART Response Time, 24ns for IOR & IOW operation
Fast Service using Global Interrupt and Interrupt Vector Processing
Sleep mode (low operating current)
3.3V I/O and 5V Tolerance, 128-pin TQFP (20×20 body)
  Application Multi-port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Cards
Remote Access Servers
Factory Automation and Process Control
Ethernet Network to Serial Ports
Network Management
Point-of-Sale Systems