uCAN (with Locking USB Cable)

USB to CAN Converter, Provides integrated utility of GUI environment

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uCAN is a converter that can send/receive CAN frames by connecting to a CAN bus via USB. The integrated window application of the GUI environment, CANView, makes it easy for users to set up and test. uCAN is a USB-to-CAN converter that can be used without any complicated setups for controlling, monitoring, and communicating with connected devices.

Multifunctional Integrated Utility CANView

CANView, a GUI-based Windows utility program provided by SystemBase, is a multifunctional utility program that can be used to configure, test, and monitor uCAN. With a few clicks after connecting, the device will allow easy configuration, and it can test user-defined data so as to test the connection and operation with other CAN devices. Additionally, it is a multifunctional integrated utility program that can monitor received data and store it for future data analysis.

CommandLibrary for advanced users

SystemBase provides CommandLibrary for advanced users or developers who want to use CAN. Advanced users can take advantage of certain features available in the CommanLibrary. The uCAN, which provides user-specific functionalities, allows users to execute user-defined tasks, such as data transmission/reception, saving, loading, booting, and factory reset.

Art.-ID 101297
Zustand Neu
Hersteller SystemBase
Herstellungsland Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea
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  Interface USB Type A
 Specification USB Specification Rev 2.0, High-Speed


  Interface DB9 male
  Number of ports 1Port
 Specification CAN 2.0A & 2.0B
  Maximum Distance 1km
  Maximum Speed 1Mbps
 Signal Lines CAN_H, CAN_L, VDD, GND



Management Tool CAN View
Configuration CAN View
(Supported OS)
CANView for
Windows 7/ 2008/ 8.1/ 10/ 2012
(Supported OS)
Windows 7/8.1/10/2008/2012/2016


  Power Requirement USB VBUS (DC 5V) Consumption : 0.8W
 Dimensions 64.3(L) x 34.9(W) x 16.5(H)
  Weight 26.1g

Operating Environment

 Operating Temperature -40~85℃
 Storing Temperature -40~85℃
 Humidity 5 ~ 95% Non-Condensing