Contactless compact J1939 CrocoLITE reader: Compact size. For safe contactless data reading from CAN j1939/21 data buses

Used within Telematics system to obtain available data on fuel consumption, engine operation modes, status of sensors and gauges, presence of malfunctions.

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CANCrocoLITE — is a tool for Telematics systems used for data reading from on-board CAN bus of personal cars and light commercial vehicles without interference in integrity of electronic circuits.

CANCrocoLITE is used within Telematics system to obtain available data on fuel consumption, engine operation modes, status of sensors and gauges, presence of malfunctions.

CANCrocoLITE can be installed on all types of personal cars, vans and light commercial vehicles equipped with CAN bus. CANCrocoLITE is compatible with all types of Telematics terminals that have a port for CAN bus connection.


Engine time monitoring according to CAN dataEngine time monitoring according to CAN data

Fuel consumption monitoring from CAN bus dataFuel consumption monitoring from CAN bus data

Reading engine parameters from CAN busReading engine parameters from CAN bus

CANCrocoLITE features

  • contactless data obtaining through wires insulation without interfering into its integrity;
  • zero impact on the electronic and electrical equipment of the Vehicle;
  • compact open-frame design allows handy connection to the wires of CAN bus even in the most hard-to-reach places of a car;
  • reliable protection of car’s electronic circuits against exposures via CAN interface, e.g. active requests sent from connected Telematics unit;
  • safe data integration from one or several informational vehicle buses to Telematics interface*;
  • powered from vehicle’s onboard power supply — does not require an additional equipment (power supply unit);
  • protected against reverse polarity;
  • easy to install and operate;
  • setting-up is not needed;
  • competitive price.
    * When CANCrocoLITE is used together with MasterCAN vehicle data interface

CANCrocoLITE Application and Usage

CANCrocoLITE output signal is received by tracking device that collects, records, stores and transfers received signals to the vehicle tracking system server. Software installed on the server processes and analyzes received data and then compiling reports that contain information on fuel consumption, operating modes of the engine, sensors status and troubleshooting of the vehicle.

While used together with MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces, CANCrocoLITE becomes a ready-made solution for safe data integration from automotive CAN bus into S6 Telematics interface. It allows to monitor over 100 operation parameters of Vehicle via just one CAN-port of telematics terminal.

Art.-ID 101681
Zustand Neu
Modell Contactless compact J1939
Hersteller Technoton
Herstellungsland Weißrussland
Inhalt 1 Stück
Gewicht 110 g
Netto-Gewicht 100 g
Maße 90×60×27mm


Acceptable message loss, %, not more than 1
Nominal supply voltage for versions U12/24, V 12 or 24
Current consumption at supply voltage 12 V/ 24 V, mA, not more 12.5
Power supply voltage range for versions U12/24, V from 9 to 36
Temperature range, 0С from -40 to +85
Weight, kg, not more 0.05
Compatibility SAE J1939, CAN Open, DeviceNet, NMEA 2000