contactless CAN reader for LV-CAN200 and ALL-CAN300 CAN adapters

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SIMPLE-CAN is a contactless reader used to read vehicle CAN data with CAN adapters LV-CAN200 and ALL-CAN300, also it can be used with FM5300 and FM6320 to read J1939 CAN data


  • SIMPLE-CAN collects vehicle data from CAN bus without damaging the wires
  • Powered from on-board power source
  • Reads the signals through the isolation of CAN bus wires
  • Easy to install and operate
  • LED indication for working modes
  • SIMPLE-CAN can be used in conjunction with the LV-CAN200 or ALL-CAN300
  • SIMPLE-CAN can be used with FM5300 and FM6320 to read FMS J1939 data
  • If LV-CAN200 or ALL-CAN300 connection requires two CAN lines to get all data, then you need two SIMPLE-CAN readers
  • Vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is not violated!

Teltonika SIMPLE-CAN

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Power voltage 9 ÷ 63,5 V
Standby mode current load 1,60 mA(at 12 V voltage), 0,91 mA(at 24 V voltage)
Work mode current load 8,30 mA(at 12 V voltage), 4,30 mA(at 24 V voltage)
Operating temperature range -40°C ÷ +85°C
Dimensions 41,0 x 42,1 x 14,5 mm
Weight 23,6 g

Technical details

  • Power supply voltage 9-63 V
  • Power supply current:
Mode 12V 24V
Active 8.3 mA 4.3 mA
Standby 1.6 mA 0.91 mA
  • CAN-BUS speeds from 33,33 to 500 kb/s
  • Automatically sets CAN Low, CAN High polarity
  • Automatically adjusts signal level and speed