Prepaid SIM Card (Plan: 500 MB for 5 years), 2G / 3G / LTE (110 countries) + CAT M1 (30 countries) (PPEX00001240)

SIM leverages the global mobile network to connect devices anywhere by providing control over connectivity and device activation through an easy-to-use management platform. Plan: 500 MB for the next 5 years (Contact us with the ICCID of the SIM card to activate or top up your 500 MB).

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Teltonika Telematics devices considerably reduce roaming costs as we are working with up to 3 operators in some countries. The price of Connectivity and SIM / eSIM cards is fixed for the whole contract period you choose with no additional fees for roaming on top. The easy-to-use platform allows you to monitor, control, and analyze your SIM cards and data usage. In cases when devices use more data than covered in the prepaid bundle plan, we have the Top-up function that allows you to renew your plan under the same conditions.

 110 countries are supported (in Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, USA, and Latin America).

NB: SIM transfer between the Teltonika Mobility account and the Teltonika Telematics account is not possible.
Make sure you have an account under Teltonika Telematics if you created it yourself or if not, we should create a new account for you under Teltonika Telematics.

Mirifica Notes:

  • Please to benefit the 500 MB,  contact us with the ICCID of the SIM card for activation.
  • To have your own subaccount and monitor (to control the vehicle functions, set the device configuration, perform testing, initiate OTA updates, or get instant GPS tracker location) your SIM card, you must have at least 10 SIM cards and then contact us with the ICCID of the SIM card to open a free Teltonika Telematics management SIM account.
  • All the SMS messages sent from the SIM Platform to Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers are now free but the SMS that you want to send from the Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers to the server are not free with this SIM card.  *To benefit this service, you should pay the SMS package by contacting us with the ICCID of the SIM.

One supplier – full solution


The fewer suppliers, the more time you save avoiding multiple negotiations, shipping problems and other issues. Get SIM card and Teltonika Telematics GPS tracker in one.



All SMS messages sent from the SIM Platform to Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers with our SIM cards are now free!

ONE-time payment – 500 MB, 5 Years


Just one payment and you get Global data bundle of 500 MB for the next 5 years! You can be sure that network operators will not increase the price or change data capacity until your chosen plan ends.



The Auto TOP-UP feature will automatically renew the Global plan under the same commercial conditions when the remaining data volume is used up. With this feature, you no longer need to monitor your data volume, as Auto TOP-UP reduces the effort of manual SIM card maintenance, and GPS trackers will always be connected without service interruptions.

eSIM availability


A smart, rewritable, and multi-network module that can either be embedded into the device itself or written onto a plastic removable card. Highly resistant to physical impact and just a fraction of the size of a removable SIM. Not locked to a single operator for the lifetime of the device with the ability to manage IoT settings remotely.

Worldwide network coverage


Global network coverage encompasses 134 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania to avoid any communication disruptions. Usually, up to 3 different network operators are supported by the country and, in some countries, even more.

Activation by the needs


The 5-year Global Connectivity Solution plan is not activated until a device is turned on and connected to the cellular network. It allows you to have SIM cards in stock for any unforeseen situations.



We offer a service to insert SIM cards (both Teltonika and customer-supplied) into the GPS trackers and provide your customers with ready-to-use devices. This procedure costs extra depending on the number of SIM cards. For a limited period of time, we offer the insertion of Teltonika Global Plan SIM cards into Teltonika GPS trackers free of charge if the number of SIM cards ordered is 500 or more.

Main benefits:
• ALL current SIM cards have been assigned to the new Teltonika Global connectivity plan.
• The data balance for ALL SIM cards has been increased by 500 Mb
• All SIM cards now support network coverage in 110 countries

Standard package contains

  • Global TELTONIKA plastic SIM or Embedded eSIM cards.
  • Plan: Teltonika Global Plan 500 MB, 5 years - 110 countries coverage of 2G / 3G / 4G and 30 countries of CAT M1 in (European, African, American, Asian, and Oceanian continents).

Standard order codes

Product code Region Package contains


These SIM cards can be used with all FMB, FMU, and FMC devices only.

It splits into 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF sizes to fit standard SIM slots.

2G / 3G / 4G supported regions (110 countries) and 30 countries among the 110 countries support the CAT M1

Standard package

ID articolo 100796
ID della variazione TRUSIMGLOB2, TRUSIM GLOB2; Global SIM card_2
Modello PPEX00001240, PPEX00003440
Produttore Teltonika
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Key features of the new Global plan:

500 Mb of data usage (To benefit this data usage, you need to activate your SIM card, please contact us)
110 countries supported by 2G / 3G / 4G network (in Africa, Asia, Australia / Oceania, Europe, US, and LATAM)
SIM / eSIM availability
• One connectivity card – Global opportunities

Quality matters – we implemented new features of the IoT SIM Management Portal to provide the highest-quality solution with a minimized possibility of any unforeseen scenarios. Also, we have a dedicated Technical Support team to assist with the Global Connectivity plan promptly and efficiently.

Custom order codes

Product code Region Package contains
PPEX00001300 LTE-M (CAT M1) with the fallback to 2G supported regions
  • TELTONIKA plastic SIM card placed next to the device. Primary connects to CAT M1 network, have fallback to 2G.
  • Plan: Teltonika Global Plan 500 MB for 5 years, 2G - 110 countries, CAT M1 – 30 countries coverage (European, African, American, Asian, Oceanian continents).
  • These SIM cards can be used with all FMM devices only!
PPEX00001270 World Wide market
  • The TELTONIKA embedded SIM card (eSIM).
  • Separate eSIM chips, NOT SOLDERED to device. These eSIM support 2G / 3G / LTE and CAT M1 networks at once. To receive devices with soldered eSIM cards inside, contact your appointed Teltonika Sales Manager.
  • Plan: Teltonika Global plan 500 MB for 5 years, 110 countries (European, African, American, Asian, Oceanian continents).
  • Exception: Due to the extremely small housing size of the FMB002, FMB003 and FMB020 devices, eSIM cannot be soldered in.