Mini Tracker Easy TMT250, wall charger (035R-00131)

Battery charger (5 W = 1 A, 5 V) Europlug

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TMT250 wal charger (Europlug) is designed to charge the battery of TMT250 personal tracker.


Standard European wall charger (1 A / 5 V) designed for TMT250 battery charging via magnetic USB cable (magnetic cable not included).

Using this accessory, full battery charging takes approximatelly 1 hour.

The mirifica advantage

  • pre-sales support
  • post-sales support
  • first-level technical support (direct)
  • second-level technical support (official)
  • FM devices: FOTA WEB (free)
  • RUT devices: remote management system (subscription based)

ID articolo 100063
ID della variazione 100745
Modello 035R-00131, 035R 00131 APP524-050100-17C04
Produttore Teltonika
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  • PRIEDASEUI (035R-00159)
  • Wall charger (EU)