Carrier reefer cable (PPCB00000460)

Real-time information from Carrier reefers

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Make sure that precious cargo of your customer or yourself arrives at its destination undamaged and well maintained. You can now monitor real-time data from Carrier reefers with Teltonika FMX6 pro tracker. The solution is easy to install – just plug one end to RS232 port of FMX6 and other to Carrier reefer*. After applying simple configuration, you will be able to monitor real-time temperature, fridge door status, alarms and generate variety of events according your needs.

  • Supported Carrier refrigerators models: Vector 1800, Vector 1850, Vector 1850 MT, Vector 1550
  • Cable length: 70 cm

For more information such as installation** and device configuration please check our.

*- With the first edition/version of cable it is required to connect wires on one end to RJ45 plug.

**- Installation manual can be also found in downloads tab

Art.-ID 100145
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Modell PRIEDASCFC, 058R-00284, 058R 00284
Hersteller Teltonika
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Maße 700×0×0mm

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