Tachograph Front Panel Cable (PPCB00000430)

Easily connect to Front Panel Interface of VDO Tachograph to receive Tachograph files and live data remotely. Both 12V and 24V tachographs are supported with the accessory.

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Siemens VDO Digital Tachographs releases 1.3a and higher support remote tachograph file download via front interface. Our R&D team created a cable that fits all the tachographs - ergonomic design ensures easy installation and does not cover the buttons or the screen of the tachograph.

Cable connects to the FMB640 K-line (Pin 20). Via this pin you can receive tachograph files and live tachograph data. This means that both CAN lines of the device can be used for other purposes (FMS/External CAN sensors).

Front panel cable is 4 meters long, therefore it will be easy to mount FMB640 regardless of the tachograph mounting position in the vehicle.

Main advantages:

  • Main advantage is the possibility to download tachograph files from the 12 Volt tachographs that do not support remote tachograph files transfer through the C connector (rear connector).

Tachographs of this type are widely used in such vehicles as:

  • Fiat Ducato/Boxer/Jumper
  • Ford Transit
  • Iveco/Irisbus Daily
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Vito/Viano
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • And many other makes and models

24 Volt tachographs are also supported.

In addition to this, front interface allows to remotely download tachograph files regardless of the Ignition state of the vehicle.


  • This functionality works with Siemens VDO tachographs only.
  • For this feature to work, you need to activate the tachograph.
  • While tachograph files are being downloaded – live data is not read.
  • For more in depth information please refer to our wiki page: How to download tachograph files with Front Panel Cable


Get Tachograph files and live Tachograph data remotely


Download tachograph files without ignition being turned on


Set-up easily without disassembling vehicle dashboard panel


Use with 12- and 24-Volt tachographs

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